3 examples of outstanding financial company blogs


Smart financial companies understand the importance of having a blog. Genius financial companies know that this is only the first step.

While blogging is a great marketing and employer branding tool for businesses in the financial services industry, a blog that is not regularly updated or is difficult to navigate may do more harm than good.

If you’re looking for some ways to spruce up your business’s blog, check out these three examples of outstanding financial company blogs you can use for inspiration.

OPEN Forum (American Express)

OPEN Forum is American Express’ blog for small businesses. It hosts a wealth of information for business owners, with topics ranging from recruiting and retention to customer engagement and employer branding.

In addition to a neatly organized main menu, OPEN Forum helps guide readers to the posts that may interest them by asking, “What are you focused on?” and offering five choices: Strategy, Financing, Cash Flow, Marketing & Sales and Digital Tools. Clicking on one of these buttons takes visitors to a page that has posts about the broader category but also has links to more granular topics. This provides a good jumping off point for readers who aren’t quite sure where to start.

On every blog post page, readers are given the option to add the article to their favorites. This allows visitors to easily find previously read articles or hang on to posts they may not have time to read now.

Goldman Sachs Careers Blog

Goldman Sachs’ Careers Blog has been live since August 2011 and boasts hundreds of articles about the financial services giant as well as general career advice for those in the finance industry.

The blog is a premier example of employer branding and inbound recruiting strategies in that it not only provides professional development advice for both jobseekers and career managers (sometimes referred to as “passive candidates”) but it also gives insight into the company culture.

For example, a recently featured series entitled “Spotlight on Goldman Sachs Olympians” is a set of Q&As with current Goldman Sachs employees who competed in the 2016 Summer Olympics. Another series is “Ask the Former Interns” where five former Goldman Sachs interns give their input on topics like networking, receiving feedback and training.

In addition to demonstrating their company values, the blog has regular posts from employees across several departments with useful tips for anyone from interns to executives.

MintLife (Mint)

Mint is a web-based personal finance management solution for Canada and the United States. Its blog, MintLife, primarily targets Millennials and offers advice on budgeting, career development and debt management.

One strategy Mint uses in their blog which is rarely seen on other financial company blogs is placing a call-to-action (CTA) within the blog feed. This approach gives a more organic and less sales-y feel to the CTA, which is especially important considering Mint’s younger audience who is more prone to ad fatigue.

In terms of layout, the MintLife blog is clean and uncluttered, with only the Search field and a single link in the main header. Additionally, readers aren’t required to register an account to comment on posts but instead simply need to log in using their Facebook account—another feature their audience will appreciate.

A well-designed and oft-updated blog can require a hefty commitment, but its impact on employer branding and customer acquisition is usually well worth the effort. Both potential employees and prospective clients will undoubtedly visit your website, and a visually appealing blog with valuable content can help make sure both groups leave with a good impression of your company.

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