Dealing with Errors

As the eFinancialCareers’ API is RESTful, any HTTP status codes within the 4xx and 5xx will mean an error has occurred. The XML representation in the response body will help you determine the cause of each individual error that occurred. Here is a sample of an error message:

<errors xsi:schemaLocation="" xmlns:xsi="">

    <error errorCode=”25000″>


        <translation lang=”en”>You do not have sufficient inventory to make this job live.</translation>


JobFeed Error Codes

Error Code Error Message Description
30000 MSG_JOBFEED_INVALID_OPERATION_TYPE User requested invalid operation
Job locations can’t be found by latitude and longitude
30002 MSG_JOBFEED_UNABLE_TO_PICK_BRAND The brand of the job can’t be found
30003 MSG_JOBFEED_UNABLE_TO_PICK_TEAM The team of the job can’t be found
30004 MSG_JOBFEED_USER_DOES_NOT_BELONG_TO_TEAM Current user does not belong to provided job inventory team
30005 MSG_JOBFEED_INVALID_BRAND_SPECIFIED Specified brand is invalid
30006 MSG_JOBFEED_JOB_WAS_DEALLOCATED_ALREADY Job was already de-allocated
30007 MSG_JOBFEED_JOB_WAS_POSTED_BY_ANOTHER_TEAM Job was posted by a user who belongs to another job inventory team
30008 MSG_JOBFEED_DEACTIVATE_INVALID_JOBREF Job feed has an invalid Job reference for’deactivate’ status
30009 MSG_JOBFEED_JOB_TEMPLATE_DOES_NOT_EXIST Job Template does not exist
30010 MSG_JOBFEED_JOB_TEMPLATE_IS_NOT_AVAILABLE Job Template is not available for this Brand/Company

JobFeed Parsing Error Codes

Error Code Error Message Description
31000 MSG_JOBFEEDPARSING_ERROR_INVALID_XML_JOB_FEED There is an invalid XML in the feed
31001 MSG_JOBFEEDPARSING_INVALID_ENCODING There is an invalid encoding of the feed
31002 MSG_JOBFEEDPARSING_INVALID_FEED_STRUCTURE There is an invalid structure of the feed
31003 MSG_JOBFEEDPARSING_INVALID_MAIN_TAG Invalid job feed main tag
31004 MSG_JOBFEEDPARSING_NO_JOBS_FOUND No jobs found in job feed
31005 MSG_JOBFEEDPARSING_NO_HEADER_FOUND No header found in job feed
31006 MSG_JOBFEEDPARSING_NO_DOCUMENT_START No document start in job feed
31007 MSG_JOBFEEDPARSING_NO_DOCUMENT_END No document end in job feed
31008 MSG_JOBFEEDPARSING_UNKNOWN_TAG Unknown tag in job feed
31009 MSG_UNEXPECTED_END_OF_DOCUMENT Unexpected end of document in job feed

Validation errors for Job Custom fields

Error Code Error Message Description
1913 MSG_JOB_CUSTOM_FIELD_VALUE_SIZE_MORE_THAN_1KB Character limit exceeded
1914 MSG_JOB_CUSTOM_FIELD_NAMES_ARE_DUPLICATED Two variables with same name
1915 MSG_JOB_CUSTOM_FIELD_MORE_THAN_10 Maximum number of variables exceeded
1916 MSG_JOB_CUSTOM_FIELD_NAME_DOES_MATCH_SIZE_1_TO_100 Variable name too long
1917 MSG_JOB_CUSTOM_FIELD_NAME_DOES_MATCH_FORMAT Variable name does not match a format

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