Building your First Search Request

Getting started with the new Search Resume API requires you to pull information from several different sources.The table below describes the main list of search parameters.

Parameters are optional and can be omitted. The same way, some parameters have default values. That means if there are no values for some parameters in the search request, service will use default values.

Joining of Search Parameters

To perform a Search Resume Request to production, send an authorised HTTPS GET request (see detailed description here):

GET{search parameters} HTTP/1.1

The same request to pilot is the following:

GET{search parameters} HTTP/1.1

It is possible to join several search parameters in one request. It can be done with the help of “&” symbol.

For example, order-by=SECTOR&lang=FR.

Service allows to search by several locations: location={locationId}+{locationId}. In some cases, it’s required to use symbol code “%2B” instead of “+”. For example, location={locationId}%2B{locationId}.

Search Parameters

Valid values of search parameters can be received with the help of Dictionary Service.

There is a list of default parameters below. They will be applied to the request by default if you don’t specify any of them in the request:

  • date-format = dd/MM/yyyy;
  • page = 1;
  • page-size = 30;
  • sort-order = ASC;
  • order-by = RESUME_ID;
  • lang = EN;
  • locale = current locale of the user (EN by default);
  • match-mode = ANY;
  • updated-within = THREE_MONTHS;
  • exact-location = false.
Name Descriptions Format Format Example Default
Location General location id of job seeker location={locationId}+{locationId} int location=7+10
Location Name General location of job seeker location-name={string} string location-name=Minsk
Radius Area in selected location radius
linked to locationType
location={locationId};{radius} int; int location=1;100
Work permit country code Permission to work in selected country or no restrictions work-permit={locationId} string work-permit=7
Work Permit Name Permission to work in selected country or no restrictions work-permit-name={string} string work-permit-name=USA
Sector Name Business sector name work-sector-name={string}+{string} string work-sector-name=Accounting & Finance+Audit
SubSector Name SubSector name in desired sector linked to Sector string
Sector Business sector name work-sector={sector code};{sub-sector code}+{sector code} string work-sector=ACCOUNTING
SubSector SubSector name in desired sector linked to Sector string
Work experience Name Number of years worked work-exp-name={string} string work-exp-name=Ten years
Work experience Number of years worked work-exp={code} string work-exp=TEN_YEARS
Education Level Name Education received or degree education-level-name={code} string education-level-name=School
Education Level Education received or degree education-level={code} string education-level=EDUCATION_LEVEL_1
Language spoken code Languages spoken language={code};{code} string language=EN;FLUENT
Language fluency code Level of language proficiency linked to Language spoken string
Relocate location Search for persons who want to relocate to current locations loc-or-wtr={locationId} int loc-or-wtr=7
Relocate location Name Search for persons who want to relocate to current locations loc-or-wtr-name={string} string loc-or-wtr-name=Minsk
Relocate radius Search for persons who want to relocate to current locations loc-or-wtr={locationId};{radius} int; int loc-or-wtr=25;2
Position type name Contract conditions of employment position-name={string} string position-name=Contract
Position type Contract conditions of employment position={code} string position=CONTRACT
Employment type name Time conditions of employment empl-type-name={string} string empl-type-name=Full time
Employment type Time conditions of employment empl-type={code} string empl-type=FULL_TIME
Travel rate name Willing to travel travel-rate-name={string} string travel-rate=FIFTY_PERCENT
Travel rate Willing to travel travel-rate={code} int travel-rate-name=50%
Keywords Keywords in resume title and attached doc to be searched for keywords={keywords} string keywords=TOP MANAGER
UpdatedWithin Resume updated within updated-within={code} string updated-within=OTHER THREE_MONTHS
MatchMode Type of keywords match match-mode={code} int match-mode=ALL 0 (ANY)
Date format String representing pattern of date date-format={string} string date-format=yyyy-MM-dd dd/MM/yyyy
Created within begin Create resume date from-created-date={date} date from-created-date=2001-01-01
Created within end Create resume date to-created-date={date} date to-created-date=2011-01-01
Updated within begin Update resume date from-updated-date={date} date from-updated-date=2001-01-01
Updated within end Update resume date to-updated-date={date} date to-updated-date=2011-01-01
Page Page to be shown page={int} int page=1 1
Page Size Limit total items shown on page page-size={int} int page-size=30 30
Order by Criterium of ordering order-by={code} string order-by=TITLE RESUME_ID
Sort order Criterium of sorting sort-order={code} string sort-order=ASC ASC
Reference number Search by defined resume reference numder refno={string} string refno=99554+28226
Resume number Search by defined resume numder resume-id={string} string resume-id=99554+28226
Locale return Define the language for locations names lang={code} string lang=EN EN
Currency Search by currency defined in resume currency={code} string currency=GBP
Location Exact Match Flag for setting exact match for location names exact-location={boolean} string/
exact-location=true false

Keyword search

Search implements standard functionality of Endeca keyword search:

1. Search over Endeca search interface which includes several fields (Title, File Content, Position Type, Experience in current implementation)

2. Match modes

3. Allows Boolean search expressions with AND, OR, NOT, NEAR, ONEAR

Match Mode Parameters in Code Description
MatchAll ALL Match all user search terms (that is, perform a conjunctive search). This is the default mode.
MatchPartial PARTIAL Match some user search terms.
MatchAny ANY Match at least one user search term.
MatchAllAny ALLANY Match all user search terms if possible, otherwise match at least one.
MatchAllPartial ALLPARTIAL Match all user search terms if possible, otherwise match some. First use MatchAll mode and, if no results are returned, then use MatchPartial mode.
MatchPartialMax PARTIALMAX Match a maximal subset of user search terms. First use MatchAll mode and, if no results are returned, then return results matching all but one term, and so on.
MatchBoolean BOOLEAN Match using a Boolean query. The supported expressions are AND, OR, NOT, NEAR, ONEAR. Note: it is not possible to search with “NOT {any keyword}”. Use NOT to excude results from the initial search. Like, “Java NOT C#” – it will provide results with Java, but without C#.

Additional description can be found in “Endeca Developer’s Guide for Java” book.


Results obtained by resume search can be ordered by several fields:

RESUME_ID, TITLE, SECTOR, LOCATION, EXPERIENCE, UPDATED in general only this fields will be returned for results preview.

Example: order-by=TITLE

Also it should be considered that location, sector, experience is returned as enumeration values or number.

Sort order

Sort ascending or descending considering order-by parameter.


Example: sort-order=ASC

Also it should be considered that location, sector, experience is returned as enumeration values or number.

Return Format

Two return formats are provided: JSON/XML

Example: format=XML

Updated Within

Returns resumes updated within defined age.

Example: updated-within=TWO_WEEKS

Returnable Value Duration in Days
OTHER Unbounded

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