Social targeting with Lengo

Amplify your employer brand message to a hyper targeted audience on social media


  • Reach a hyper targeted audience with career level data
  • Focus your spend on the individuals you want to target
  • Attract a highly relevant audience to your employer brand content, initiative or promotion
  • Measure campaign performance in real-time
  • Let our specialists manage the campaign for you

Why should I use Lengo?

As opposed to just targeting by generic demographic data, Lengo offers hyper-targeted audiences (narrow down to specific sectors, job titles and even skills mentioned in people’s CV’s), allowing for more precise and relevant people to engage with your brand.

How is Lengo different from targeting on Facebook and Twitter?

Lengo uses career data to identify highly targeted audiences based on skills, job titles and companies. This is information that is not held in Facebook and Twitter channels.

How do you measure success?

Social amplification is measured by engagements. By engagements we mean, shares, likes, comments, tweets and clicks.

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