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With the wide range of channels now available to a candidate, their journey from awareness of your firm to applying for a job has changed. When thinking about your recruitment strategy, you’ll need to consider more than a single channel to attract new talent and retain existing employers.

Our range of branding tools will help you to communicate with potential talent, before they apply. By promoting your brand, you generate trust with your audience, helping them to both recognise and engage with your brand.

Generate brand engagement with our sponsored content and amplification tools. Our expert editorial team can work with you to shape your Employer Branding story to create a suite of articles tailored to your audience.

These articles are hosted on our site and then amplified by our dedicated engagement team through the eFinancialCareers network of email and social sites. These channels reach a highly relevant financial services audience using advanced targeting tactics based on your objectives for the campaign.

Why utilise content?

  • Trustworthy – Readers are increasingly receptive to in-feed sponsored content if it is relevant, authoritative and trustworthy
  • Engaging – Content is able to “tell a story” to develop emotional engagement with its audience in way that traditional advertising cannot
  • Innovative – Adopt an innovative marketing approach to promote your brand and capture social engagement via multiple platforms
  • Amplification – Communicate through social media and professional networks to reach the widest audience and get the best return on investment for your content

Why develop and amplify content with eFinancialCareers?

  • Access to top talent – Our monthly audience of 2.5 million highly qualified and engaged finance professionals are actively managing their career
  • Editorial expertise – Our expert engagement team have created 36,000 articles of topical content ranging from industry news to career advice
  • Audience insight – We’ve been communicating with our audience since 2000. We understand what interests them and ultimately, which topics could generate the most engagement
  • Engagement through networks – Our engagement team will amplify content through a range of email and social media channels to reach the widest relevant audience

How is success measured?

Success is measured via a range of engagement metrics:

  • Page views or unique page views – How many people looked at your content?
  • Average time on page – How much time did a reader spend engaging with your content?
  • Article attention – How many people scrolled down to the end of the article?
  • Social engagement – How many people liked, shared, commented, and tweeted about your content?

How is content created?


Once the article is live on eFinancialCareers site, we will adopt a range of amplification tactics to attract the largest most relevant audience.

In addition to Sponsored Content, you can build recognition of your brand using display advertising throughout our site, against jobs or news, and generate awareness of your brand as a leading employer of choice. Then choose to brand your job postings to help candidates to identify and build affinity with you during the application process.

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