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Employer branding

Few things are more frustrating for recruiters than investing hours of time and energy into screening and hiring a highly skilled candidate, only to realize within a few weeks of the new employee’s start date that they simply aren’t a good fit.


Regardless of whether the onus falls on the recruiter (who may not have done his or her due diligence during the vetting process) or the candidate (who may have not had a proper understanding of the company culture and values), Employer Branding and Inbound Recruiting can help companies decrease the frequency of bad hires.


What is Employer Branding?

First, what is an Employer Brand? The Employer Brand is the identity of a business — its reputation, personality and culture as well as its value proposition to current and future employees. With an Employer Branding strategy, the goal is to establish your brand as an employer of choice both inside and out, focusing not only on positive attributes of the company, but also demonstrating what it has to offer to retain existing employees and attract future candidates.

How to get started with Employer Branding

Executing an employer branding strategy can be accomplished in several ways, but one of the first steps is to create strong, compelling content to communicate your employer brand. Consider partnering with marketing and your top-performing employees to establish your brand story and distribute your message. Here are a few ideas to start off strong:


Here are a few examples:

  • Refresh your website with positive messaging, photos and videos promoting your unique culture and employees
  • Upload photos of recent company events and announce staff achievements on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook
  • Post regular updates to the company blog about both internal goings-on and the latest industry news and trends

Building a strong Employer Brand and Employer Branding strategy are just the first steps to successful online recruiting. Just as marketers must be proactive about reaching prospects with information that is most relevant to their needs, recruitment professionals must find new, creative ways to reach and engage with job seekers. This is where inbound recruiting comes in.

What is Inbound Recruiting?

Inbound Recruiting means taking a strategic approach to attract, nurture and ultimately hire and retain top talent by providing them with the right information at the right time. This method takes the same principles used by marketers to generate and nurture business leads and applies them to recruiting qualified candidates. In other words, it is a combination of Inbound Marketing and Talent Acquisition.

Recruitment marketers nurture interested candidates through email, social media and blog posts that showcase great company culture. This content often contains stories from existing employees about why they enjoy working there and can also address candidate concerns and answers their questions about the company.

How to implement Inbound Recruiting

Below are a few steps to follow when using Inbound Recruiting:

  1. Decide what you want to achieve and how you will measure failure or success
  2. Identify your ideal candidates using a persona template
  3. Create quality content relevant to your prospective employees’ interests
  4. Distribute this content on your website, blog and the places where your target hires spend time online
  5. Use lead generation landing pages to capture candidate information
  6. Connect with qualified candidates and tell them your brand story
  7. Convert prospects into interviewees and interviewees into employees
  8. Measure performance, review the data and adjust your process accordingly

Having strong Employer Branding and Inbound Recruiting strategies means you have more control over how your company is perceived. You can ensure prospective employees have the most accurate data about the business and allow candidates to make informed decisions about their potential future with your company. By telling your brand’s story, you can promote your accomplishments on a larger scale, let prospects know what makes your business unique and attract the type of candidates that are best for your company.

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